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Sellex La literal foldaway bunk bed


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Folding bunk wall bed system - Quality guest bed solution.



Designer Wall Bed.

Amazing bunk bed which simply folds away to create more space. For home or contract use

Stylish & robust




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foldaway bunks - Contract Folding Bunk Beds


Space saving bunk bed system for adults or children.

The Foldaway Bunk Bed combines a contract standard bunk bed system with neat contemporary design.



Create more space in seconds by simply folding away the beds


Accommodate more guests in an instant by unfolding the beds



The Foldaway Bunk Bed is designed for contract use such as student residences, hotels, hostels, staff sleeping quarters, housing associations, fire stations and is also suitable for home use such as a home office, bedroom or guest room. 

The beds have been widely installed in private homes, hotels, hostels, health care establishments, universities, public service establishments and many other locations.

Most recent installations include Moat House Hotels, Norfolk Royale Hotel Bournemouth, St. Raphael Resort Cyprus, NHS King’s College paediatric ward.

Manufactured in Europe to comply with EU and UK safety and quality directives. Robustly built steel frame, designed for every day wear and tear of residential and contract use.


foldaway bunk bed - closed space saving bed foldaway bunk bed - closed


Easy to operate


Simply undo the latch and lower the bed.

Comes complete with gas mechanism makes it safe & easy to use.

Comes complete with straps so the bedding can be left on when folded away.

Comes complete with ladder.





High Safety Bar


Please note this bed comes with a high safety bar on the upper bed to conform to UK regulations (some pictures do not show this)






Stylish modern design - Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina.

Extremely robust.

Designed for daily use - just as a normal bed.

Various sizes available.





Steel frame available in white or grey

Front panels available white, red, orange, beech, blue, yellow, cappuccino, grey, graphite, lime green, dark green





This bed must be fixed direct to a solid structure (eg. brick, concrete walls).

Must not be fixed to plasterboard or similar.

This bed must be installed on a solid floor.

Must not be installed on a floating floor.

Installations should be carried out by a professional trades person.

Wall fixings should be selected and supplied by the installer.

Please contact us for any further information.



High Sleeper.


Also available as a High Sleeper

(Studio desk bed without desk as pictured).



Other models in the Sellex range:


Studio Desk Bed


Single Foldaway Shelf Bed





Available Finishes



sellex colours, colour chart,



Dimensions & Specifications


foldaway bunk bed technical information, specification,


Bed/Mattress sizes: 90x190cm - 90x200cm.

Metal frame made of profiles for wall fixing, semi-oval section 60x35x2mm.

Bed frame of rectangular section 50x35x2mm.

Individual ladder (included in price).

Finishes - Grey or white epoxy coating.

Bed base - 19mm MFC.

Should not be mounted on plasterboard or similar.

Should be mounted on solid floor.

Gas mechanisms included as standard (can be ordered without).

Weight - 190: 106/115Kg - Weight 200: 110/120Kg.

Cidemco certificate for public use - Standard UNE 1129 & 747.



foldaway bunk bed - wallbunk


Please note - the bed comes with a higher safety bar to conform to UK regulations (as pictured above).

Maximum mattress depth is 15cm.

Mattress can be supplied on request.




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Wall Bunk Bed - fold away bunk bed - folding bunk bed



Features include



adjustable feet, bunk bed,

Adjustable feet.

bed lock, bunk bed side lock,

Side locking.

bunk bed front lock,

Front locking.

bunk bed, cover caps,

Cover caps for wall fixings.


Safety Mechanism


The gas mechanism makes it easy & safe to lift & lower.


Bed open


Bed closed



Contract use


Hotels and B&B's

Instantly turn a room into a family room.

These beds can help accommodate group bookings & families, increasing your income per room.


foldaway bunk bed, hostel,

foldaway bunk bed, hotel,


Hospitals, Fire stations, Care & Residential Homes.


This range of beds are a great solution when it comes to accommodating relatives, friends or employees.

Extremely discreet when folded away allowing it to be fitted in almost any room, and when needed, it provides a proper & comfortable bed.

Ideal for accommodating many people in a small area such as fire stations or hostels.

The bed stands only 38cm from the wall when folded away.


foldaway bunk bed, fire station,

sellex bunk bed, hostel,

selles, foldaway bunk bed, hostel,