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horizontal single space saving bed folded away. Image also shows a desk, a chest of drawers and wall cube shelving. The bed is installed in a home study bedroom.

A proper bed, neatly folded away to create more space.





A Space Saving Bed is a proper, comfortable bed that neatly folds away to create more space.

A Space Saving Bed is so easy to use. When the bed is needed simply pull down into position and it is ready to use instantly. When you have finished using the bed simply fold away to conceal it within the neat & high quality cabinet. A Space Saving Bed is so much easier to use than a sofa bed or a folding guest bed; in fact, unlike a sofa bed or folding guest bed they can be folded away with all of the bedding strapped in place ready for use.

A Space Saving Bed also has the comfort of a real bed due to the fact that they have a proper sprung slatted base and use proper full size mattresses.


A horizontal, single space saving wall bed with a proper comfortable mattress. The image also shows wall bed shelving, an LED light and a USB charging point. The bed is installed in a home study bedroom. A chair and books are also shown.

Real bed comfort with proper full size mattresses.


With a Space Saving Bed you get all the benefit & comfort of a regular bed plus the extra valuable space.

Our Space Saving Beds have been developed over time, constantly improving the function of our beds, incorporating clever storage solutions and new technologies to ensure we are able to offer the very best in design, function & modern built-in technology. Our range even includes an amazing transforming desk-bed and also optional Bluetooth which can transform your Space Saving Bed into an impressive sound system.


A horizontal, double space saving bed with storage space above. The image shows bi-folding doors open to reveal the shelving inside the cabinet. The wall bed is closed.

Reclaim your floor with a space saving bed. Amazing storage options are available for most beds.






A Space Saving Bed can be easily installed almost anywhere a bed is needed such as a studio apartment, flat, home office, bedroom, shared house, garage conversion, holiday home, garden lodge, log cabin, first aid room, staff accommodation, overnight visitor accommodation, or student accommodation. A bed takes up a large amount of valuable space but, a Space Saving Bed can help reclaim that space and, as the value of space increases your investment in a Space Saving Bed becomes more cost effective year on year.




Space Saving Beds can be used on a daily basis just like a regular bed. Simply make your bed in the morning and then fold it away to make use of all that extra space.




Not only will your guests be grateful they will not have to spend the night on an uncomfortable sofa bed or folding guest bed, they are sure to be impressed with the functionality & high quality of your Space Saving Bed, not to mention the comfort of a real bed.


A horizontal, double space saving bed with storage. The image shows the bed in the open position with a full size comfortable mattress and optional headboard. Image also shows additional wardrobes.

Create more living space & Impress with a Space Saving Bed.






Not only do we specialise in providing practical space saving solutions, we also take pride in the fact that our Space Saving Beds are of the highest quality and also great value. Read on to find out more.





Space Saving Beds are purpose built into a robust and fully lined cabinet. All of the cabinet work is made using hardwearing synthetic veneer. This is a more durable finish than traditional wood veneer (Natural wood veneer can come off or flake over time due to poor adhesion and changes in temperature & humidity). This modern synthetic material gives a more consistent colour match throughout and also ensures that we are able to keep up with the latest and most exciting colour trends which cannot always be achieved using the more traditional methods such as paint or lacquer. Synthetic veneers are hardwearing, easy to clean and the finishes are amazing.  For strength and aesthetics, the beds main structure is made using 30mm thick MFC decorative panels as opposed to the more commonly used 18mm MDF boards. MFC is a synthetic veneered particle board which is a more environmentally friendly product, as most of the worlds particle board is made from recycled wood materials or, wood-by-product (rather than cutting down trees). Due to the advancement in technology MFC has come a long way since first becoming popular within the furniture industry, even overtaking the more traditional and less environmentally friendly materials (such as wood or wood veneer) in almost every area including durability and quality of finishes. All decorative panels used in our Space Saving Beds range comply with the requirements of FSC-STD-40-005 for Controlled Wood, the EUTR (European Timber Regulation) and the PEFC Chain of Custody requirements.




We provide skirting board cut-outs as standard on all Space Saving Beds. This is to ensure they can be positioned tight to the wall to maximise space in the room, as opposed to being sat off or away from the wall. If a skirting board cut-out is not required for any reason (for example; if there is no skirting board on the wall) then this must be requested when placing your order.




We think it's important to make sure that all of our furniture is fully edged to give it a high quality finish. We use the highest quality ABS edging to match the panel finish, for example; if you choose the Oak finish, all of the edges will also be in the Oak finish. We believe this gives a much better finish aesthetically and, is a much better quality & a more robust piece of furniture.




We use the latest high quality mechanisms to ensure that our Space Saving Beds lead the way in usability. Some beds even have built in lock systems, cushioned closure & gravity opening legs. Even our transforming desk-bed uses the newer improved mechanism which is much neater & more concealed than the older system that many companies use. Using modern gas spring technology, Space Saving Beds have a smooth and easy action. Gas spring technology is extremely well tested as similar gas springs are used on 100's of millions of car boots and many other products throughout the world. Our Space Saving Beds meet and exceed the requirements of UNE-EN1129 & UNE-EN747. They are officially tested to the highest possible standard of 10,000 cycles which equates to many, many years of use. Official tests also include safety, impact, strength & durability requirements.


An amazing transforming desk bed. The image shows how neat and concealed the desk bed mechanism is. The deskbed is installed in a home study bed room.

Horizontal Space Saving Desk-Bed with neat & concealed mechanism.




Within our range we include optional special features such as internal plug sockets, USB charging point, LED lighting, plus an innovative & exclusive Bluetooth sound system.





Here are some of the features & benefits of Space Saving Beds.


  Create more space

 The bed can be ready to use in a matter of seconds

 Some Space Saving Beds are multi purpose (eg. a desk & bed in one)

 Some beds feature safety locks, gravity opening legs & soft close dampers 

 Modern & neat mechanisms - finished in white

 Easy to use gas spring technology

 Official tests include safety, impact, strength & durability requirements 

 Designed for everyday use - Use as a regular bed

 Proper sprung slatted base

 Designed for a full size, proper mattress - Real bed comfort

 Main structure made of 30mm decorative panels

 Synthetic veneer surfaces - More environmentally friendly & hardwearing

 Fully edged with a tough ABS edging - No raw MFC or MDF edges

 Fully lined unit including full back panels - No bare walls showing

 All beds have an LED light & USB charging point option

 All beds have a Bluetooth option - Turn your Space Saving Bed into a speaker

 All beds have a folding rail option - Can be used as a safety rail or headboard

 All beds have an additional back shelving option (Unless shelves are already specified)

 Small footprint - The standard cabinet depth of all our Space Saving Beds & Desk-Beds is only 41cm

 Made to order in custom colour combinations - See colour chart - Samples are available on request

 Choice of handles

 Matching furniture is available - See catalogue

 Includes all fittings & fixings needed to install

 Instructions supplied - Suitable for DIY although secure wall fixing is essential

 Delivered using professional & specialist furniture transport company to most parts of the UK






Space Saving Beds Ltd are proud to work with one of Spain's top 10 furniture manufacturers which boast one of the most modern furniture manufacturing plants in the continent. The ISO-9000 seal guarantees the quality of the manufacturing processes and the ISO-14000 environmental management certification testifies a firm commitment to the preservation of the planet's natural resources. The in-house team of industrial design engineers are able to pick up the market trends and translate them into leading products which combine functionality, aesthetics & quality. Working with designers & manufacturers of the very highest standards ensures that we are able to introduce innovative & unrivaled space saving products into the UK market.