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The transforming Desk bed system.


This video shows the various DESK2BED models available including vertical, horizontal, singles, doubles & kingsize.




Need more space?


This video demonstrates the horizontal Desk2bed.


Freestanding vertical, single desk2bed system


Notice how the desk stays level at all times during the transformation - No need to remove the laptop off the desk. This demonstration also shows the easy locking and unlocking system and also how well the desk-bed is counterbalanced using the modern gas spring system.

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desk bed, studybed, desk2bed,

Horizontal, single DESK2BED system




  • Dual purpose - desk & bed in one
  • Transforms from a desk to a bed in seconds
  • Desk stays level when being transformed so items can be left on the desk
  • Freestanding - No wall fixing required
  • Vertical & horizontal desk beds
  • Single & double desk beds
  • Solid Metal framework
  • Desk locking system
  • Modern design
  • Choice of finishes including high gloss
  • Thousands of beds sold - superior manufacturing
  • More space

  • vertical, desk bed, studybed, b-esk, bed with desk,

    Vertical, single DESK2BED system

    Dual purpose

    These smart beds offer 2 pieces of furniture in one. Not only do you get a Study & a bed within one piece of furniture, you will also gain so much more extra space in your room.

    Transforms in seconds

    Our Desk Bed models are so easy to convert from the desk position into the bed position and vice versa.

    Desk stays level

    Almost by magic the desk stays level at all times allowing items to be left on the desk while the transformation is in progress. The easy operation makes this stylish piece of furniture extremely practical to use on a daily basis. 


    Desk2Bed models are freestanding, meaning that there is no wall fixing required unlike some wallbeds and desk beds. This freestanding system is perfect for just about any environment including home office, kids bedroom, student accommodation, work premises and as no wall fixing is required they are also a great solution for rented accommodation as well.

    Desk lock

    The desk locking system is easy to use and simply locks the desk in position with one movement.

    Modern design

    It's well known that Italy produces some of the most stylish furniture in the world and these desk bed designs are no exception. In this case the designers managed to combine an ingenious invention with a great looking piece of furniture.

    Choice of finishes

    Customise to suit any room with a wide choice of finishes including wood effect synthetic veneers

    Thousands of beds sold

    The Italian manufacturers have been established and making furniture since 1907 and have solved thousands of space problems especially in hotel and hospitality industries, naval and community industries. Thousands of beds have been sold around the world which is testament to the superior manufacturing and design quality.

    More space

    Choose one of our Desk2Bed models and create more space.

    double, desk bed, horizontal, study, bed,

    Horizontal, double DESK2BED system

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